Teleseminar – 21st October

Attention Small Business Owners, Creative Types, Mompreneurs and Solopreneurs Everywhere, Join Me for:

“Cut the Tape — Why that Little Voice in Your Head is Killing Your Business and What To Do About It
(Once and For All!)”

Healthy, Happy & Psychotically Productive! I don’t know about you, but I’m super over hearing bad news, whether it’s literally ON the news, from my friends, or quite frankly, just manufactured in my own head. “The Tape” is that little voice that creeps into all of our brains and tells us that we can’t do it, we’re not smart enough, we don’t have the right degree, and we’re just never going to be able to pull it off. (Oh, and that we’re frauds. Love that one. Comes up all the time. Shoot, man, that’s a doozy.)

Well, I’m over that noise.

Ditch the drama! Forget the negativity, here’s how to focus on what you WANT and FORGET the rest!

On Monday, Oct. 21 at 5pm PT/8pm ET, I’m going to fill you in on a couple of little strategies I’ve come up with to silence my inner demons that your competition does NOT want me to share with you. (But I’m gonna do it anyway, supa sta!)

You’ll learn:

That every single one of us has “a Tape”. Swear, for reals?! Mine is evil. But I’ve learned to slay the beeeyatch. (Note: the bigger the personality, the greater the confidence, I PROMISE YOU, the bigger the demon)
The 4 tricks I used to get myself on national television, car service, make up, the whole gig (tricks that you can apply to ANY goal YOU want)
HOW I finally learned to charge, act and feel like I was really worth it (and actually know it was true. This one took me 43 years to figure out. You’ll get it in 5 minutes)
My 3 secret weapons that I call upon every single day, and they are FREE (and 100% legal and fat free in all 50 states)
The 2 tricks to unknot and unspin that I learned from multi best-selling author, Julia Cameron (The Artist’s Way) and how you can apply them anywhere, anytime

So will you PLEASE sign up for Monday’s call at the bottom? Even if you can’t be on live, don’t stress! You’ll get the recording and then you can listen over and over. And oh, by the way, want some free coaching? That’s easy! Just bring your questions to the FREE Q&A portion of the BAYMAM Academy call right AFTER the content piece. We’ve wrapped it all up in one night of fun.

Register now and start to plug into the newly retooled BAYMAM Academy! As ANOTHER best-selling author, Michael Gerber, from The E-Myth Revisited preaches 16 ways to Sunday, you’ve got to “work ON your business, not just IN it.” You cannot get away from this simple fact and run a successful business. These calls are the PERFECT and FREE way to do that. (And tell a friend to sign up because learning is so much more fun with a bestie!)

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Monday, October 21st – 5 PM PT/8 PM ET

I loved your teleseminar. I learned a lot, and I am looking forward to your next one.

- Randee Strassler, Wedding and Event Specialist

Because of Marley’s great ideas and techniques, within a few short weeks, I’ve been featured in a number of magazines and publications and a ton of blogs and websites. I am truly being seen as an expert in the industry.

- Andrea M. Lyons, All About Presentation, LLC


As a direct result of my coaching session with Marley, I have accomplished more measurable results in the last 30 days than in the previous 11 months combined! My sales are through the roof, I’ve booked 2 TV guest appearances, and when I state my new pricing structure (without any industry discounts) nobody even bats an eye!

- Laurie Graham, Styled by Laurie