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tray passed hors d’oeuvres


tiny herb encrusted lamb chop
served with minted pistou

garlic lamb kebab
with minted lemon raita sauce

seared beef tenderloin canape
with arugula & horseradish cream then topped with crispy shallots

beef & asparagus skewer
with hoisin glaze

short rib dice
in bulgogi marinade, tied with scallion

bite size tostada
topped with carnitas, avocado, and pickled onion

prosciutto crostini
layered with fig or pear, mint and balsamic reduction drizzle

chorizo gougère
spanish chorizo with manchego cheese


chicken satay
with a spicy peanut sauce

chicken endive
endive leaf filled with chicken, grapes, and pecans

maple chicken bite
atop a crispy waffle

parmesan mustard chicken drummette
with optional ranch dipping sauce

clementine chicken yakitori
skewered with grape tomato

chicken empanada
with chicken, olives and poblano chili

ginger chicken soup dumpling
with chili soy sauce

peking duck canapé
with julienned scallion, cucumber and hoisin glaze


mini crab cakes
with cilantro aioli

bacon wrapped scallops
with bourbon dijon crust

tuna tartar
atop baked wonton crisp

seared sesame ahi
encrusted in black sesame seeds and topped with wasabi cream

shrimp ceviche
diced with tomato, cucumber and avocado

mojito shrimp
marinated in mint and rum

smoked salmon
atop a herbed blini with capered crème fraiche

barbequed oyster
grilled in half shell with garlic oregano glaze


roasted tomato caprese
with basil pesto, garlic roasted tomato and burrata

vegetable stack
layered with fresh herbs

brie crisp
brie melted with apple chutney

truffled potato and mushroom galette
with thyme and gruyère

corn cake
topped with roasted red pepper compote

bite size double baked potatoes
filled with a mixture of potato, thyme and creme fraiche topped with crispy shallots
(optional bacon available)

vegetable spring roll
with pickled daikon, carrots, sprouts, cucumber, mint, basil served with ginger ponzu sauce

white bean or artichoke bruschetta
on a kale chip