Working for The Party Goddess! is definitely exciting, but most certainly also full of lots of drama. That can be good and bad. If you are energetic, positive, fun, detail-oriented, creative, responsible, persevering, love a challenge, like long hours, crazy associates, high maintenance clients (and associates), want to work for a chick and have a FABULOUS sense of style, then email us. Otherwise, save the drama for your mama.

Currently Hiring:

- Tech Savvy God/Goddess: We need someone who is proficient with Photoshop and who can help with basic tech support.

- Part Time Floral/Decor Designers: We are always looking for freelance decor and floral creators to help with our fabulous and unforgettable events.

Note: The Party Goddess! offers a non-paid internship that includes 40 hours of prep/office training and four on site events. The entire internship usually lasts about two months depending on your schedule. If you are interested in working with our company, being an intern is the absolute most likely way you will become one of us.

To Apply: Completely fill out the information below (from name all of the way through #14).

  • In addition to sending in the required information, you may also send us a resume and cover letter to info@thepartygoddess.com. However, the answers to your questions below will weigh the most heavily in our consideration of your application.
  • Hard copy inquiries can be sent via mail to: The Party Goddess! Att: Julia Serrio, 5032 Alhambra Avenue, Los Angeles, California 90032.

Thank you for your time and enthusiasm!

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