What Are Tieks?

Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 9.39.02 AMYou know that whole Buddhist quote that goes something like “If you give someone a gift and they refuse to accept it, to whom does the gift belong?” Well for me, the quote should go something like: “If someone gives you a gift and you’re too much of a b*-%h to acknowledge it, do you still get the gift?” 


I’ll tell you, I shouldn’t. 


Last month (ish) I got the most gorgeous turquoise branded Tieks heart shaped box full of lovelies like OPI nail polish, a bright red True & Co thong, super cute Stella & Dot bracelet (wearing as I type, #SNAP!), tons of other beauty treats and a hot pink shawl from Vineyard Vines. And what happens when Miss Manners forgets to strike?


Um, nothing.


Yup. Nada. I didn’t thank, call, text or Tweet. Just, yup, went dark. Looooveeellyyyyyy girl to do business with wouldn’t ya say?


And I probably shouldn’t be so lucky to have not one, but TWO pairs of what “Oprah slips on when she wants to exit high-heel hell.” - The O List, The Oprah Magazine. And you know, I loooove me my Louboutins, but those suckers are HIGH. If I were in the Oprah category, MY quote would be: “What The Party Goddess! slips on to transition from high heeled Louboutin deliciosity to the comfort of ridiculous Italian leather in her fav neon yellow and lower key copper colored snakeskin. Heaven with a sole.” – The Party Goddess!, Etiquette Specialist, Not


So, dear Tieks, please accept this brown nosing blog as my sincerest apology and to let you know that thanks to the genius girls at #Engage14, we will (hopefully) be mates for life. Toodaloo (and mea culpa again – you ROCK!!)


P.S. Hotties – To get your OWN Tieks dream footwear, check ‘em out at www.tieks.com xo

P.P.S. – I am not compensated for this message, but ya never know, someday I might be. #DoubleSnap!


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