Take A Seat Please

7f7e52b591f7bd0c5b071adf88120248Looking for a colorful and unique way of setting up your escort cards?

Say "hello" to these beautiful DIY watercolor seating cards from oncewed.com.

Considering that you just so happen to be an expert calligraphy artist, these could be completely DIY.

If not, you can hire a professional and then take charge of the rest.

Easy Peasy!

Here's what you'll need in order to make these beauties:


  1. watercolor paints
  2. watercolor brush
  3. heavy professional grade paper, BFK Reeves or Stonhenge is recommended, make sure that the paper texture is not too rough, this would inhibit the calligrapher from writing on the paper (purchased at an art supply store)
  4. metal ruler
  5. glass of water
  6. cutting mat


1. Tear paper into 3 inch strips

2. Using the strips of paper, tear them into 3.5 inch pieces

3. Mix a palette of colors (for example, yellow, orange, pink)

4. Create washes on the pieces of torn paper using the range of colors from the palette

5. Let Cards dry for 24 hours before writing on them, this ensures that they are completely dry so the ink will not bleed. Send to the calligrapher or try doing your own calligraphy with a diy calligraphy kit.

6. We pinned our diy wedding watercolor escort cards to a linen board with delicate pins, but the options for display are limitless.

So what do you think? Give me your comments and feedback below. And, oh, by the way, don't forget to tell a friend if you like what you see! xo



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