a1461a6bc343d192899cd8700dd91382Here's a little DIY project that will brighten up your day!

Perfect for any summer party, shower, or even just a way to spruce up your home…I'm in love with these pastel dipped milk bottle vases from

Aren't they lovely?

Here's what you'll need:

1. Clean off jars well (I bought my set of mini milk bottles  on etsy)

2. Grab a thick rubberband and wrap it around the bottom of the bottle so it’s a nice ‘dipped’ angle shape (see below)

3. Apply craft paint beneath the rubber band. I love this set from Martha Stewart

4. Apply a second coat. When dry, snip off the rubber band with scissors, which is better than trying to roll it off the bottle we found and potentially getting built up wet paint on the other parts of the bottle.

For more photos and info head over to:

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