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Roasted vegetables in herbs fresh from the garden (or the supermarket) with an indulgent cheese sauce plus the golden, crispy topping are a winning combination.

Here's the recipe:

Feeds 4-6

Cooking / Preparation Time – 45 mins


1 x Courgette – Finely sliced

1 x Medium sized aubergine – Finely sliced

1 x Large white onion – Finely sliced into rings

1 x Large tomato – The firmer the better and finely sliced

1 x Potato – Finely sliced into circles and thoroughly rinsed

3 x Cloves of garlic – Crushed and finely sliced

Rock Salt / Black pepper

1 Tsp x Dried or fresh oregano

1 Tsp x Fresh thyme – Finely sliced

Generous drizzle of olive oil or rapeseed oil

For the Cheesy Bake Bit

50g x Butter

3x Tbsp of Plain flour

3/4 x Pint of milk

2 x Tsp of Dijon mustard

Generous sprinkle of rock salt, white and black pepper

50g/70g x Gruyere (vegetarian) – Finely grated

For the detailed instructions go to

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