Monograms Aren’t What They Used to Be

If you are looking for fun and stylish ways to jazz up your décor, invitations, menu cards, or other stationary, consider using monograms. This one here is from

I know what you might be thinking: “Tell me something my grandmother didn’t already tell me, Marley.”

Monograms have been around a long time.  Ancient Greeks, royals throughout the ages, and anyone going for a classic traditional look in more recent times have used monograms.

But monograms are not what they used to be.  Modern fonts create fun and unexpected finds in today’s available monograms.  For a moment, let’s forget the three erect initials, one bigger than the rest, and the scrolling curly letters.  Go for bold and expressive styles to bring a touch of unexpected artistic whimsy to your event.

Monograms are intended to engrave a recognizable signature, so why not use a monogram to show off signature style instead?

Here are some examples of fun monograms for inspiration:

Elephannie for Etsy's Fun Monogram:



While a preppier monogram will never go out of style, keep your eye out and your options open when it comes to selecting a monogram to use. You can always have your monogram custom designed.

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