“Glamping” with the Girls

 What do you get when you combine camping with a bit of glamour? It's called "Glamping"! Glamorous camping has become all the rage lately. Why not use this as a theme for your next little girl sleepover?

These pictures from www.hwtm.com give some great ideas for continuing the glamping theme throughout the party.

The kids will LOVE sleeping inside of tents. If you don't feel comfortable letting the girlies snooze in the backyard, set up some pretty white tents in the living room. There are so many ways to glam it up!

Midnight snacks are always something that brings excitement to a slumber party, right? That doesn't mean it has to be junk food though. These adorable little cups filled with trail mix will keep these fabulous little ladies happy…and you won't hear any complaints from their parents either.

The thought of bringing half a dozen (or more) little ones to stay for an entire evening might be a frightening thought. Once you start putting together these fun details, you'll probably want to do it again!

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