5 Tips…Throw A Celeb-Worthy Bash On A Budget

Gold-Specialty-Cocktail-250x375How to Throw a Celebrity Style Bash on a Budget

Let's face it, the economy is not exactly on fire but does that mean you've got nothing to be joyous about? Of course not! Let The Party Goddess! show you how to have fun AND be fabulous even in a funky economy this holiday season!


* Fabulous Gift! Place-card holders should be fun and festive enough to glam up the table. Think individual snowflakes, ornaments or bottles painted in chalkboard paint and tied with a beautiful ribbon. Instead of spending more money on a gift for your guests, why not let them take their place setting home, it’s personalized and unique to them. Maybe include seeds they can plant at home, so they’re taking away a memory, which will last longer than a boring piece of paper (and you’re doing your part to be green!).

* Edible Centerpieces! Individual sweets on a pedestal in the middle of each table double as décor and dessert. Picture candy apples dipped in caramel or chocolate and then individually wrapped in cello with beautiful ribbon and nested among evergreen sprigs. Fabulous cake pops and bon-bons in holiday colors will add a great look to any table.

* Think Like a Beatle! Or at least his wife. Yoko Ono installed a "Wish Tree" project in cities around the world. When she was a child in Japan she used to write wishes for the coming year and leave them in the temple. Why not create your own wish tree? Cut out squares of paper and pre-string them. Invite guests to write their wishes for the New Year on a card and place them on your tree. Then, when the holidays are over, save the cards and put them in a scrapbook to share the following year.

* Mint-tini! Create a Mint-Tini using white crème de menthe, gin and mint leaves. Rim the martini glass with crushed candy canes for a festive look!

* Reindeer Food! Santa always gets the cookies but what about the reindeers? Provide cute holiday cello bags for kids to fill up with uncooked oatmeal, sugar and red or green sugar crystals. Have them sprinkle it on their lawn Christmas Eve for the reindeer to enjoy on their journey.

So what do you think? Give me your comments and feedback below. And, oh, by the way, don't forget to tell a friend if you like what you see! xo


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