Tips For Recovering From Back-To-School Blues

It's that time of year again. The new school year has already begun for many…and for most, that spells out a big, fat, "B-U-M-M-E-R". Imagine how the kids feel!

Whether it's keeping a positive attitude or coming up with creative distractions, there are so many ways to keep the spirits up during times of transition.

Here are 5 Tips inspired by to help you to keep the blues at bay:

Stay Positive

A parent’s attitude has a strong influence on how children view the beginning of school. Children pick up on their parents’ feelings, react to them, and often magnify them.

Create Routines

Establishing daily routines at home at the start of the school year (or even before) can also help children adjust. Doing this directly benefits their work in the classroom, where their day is full of routines.

Create a checklist or flowchart to help children get organized and stay on schedule. It helps ease anxiety with rushing to get out the door.

For the afternoon, consider scheduling a routine for homework, snacks, and extracurricular activities. Have your children help create the schedule as a way to get them to buy into it!

At night, when setting bedtimes, keep in mind that children between the ages of 5 and 12 need 10 to 11 hours of sleep. Setting an early bedtime at the beginning of the school year may not work as well for older children who can handle being up later.

Establish Fun Traditions

Because attitude matters, if you’re excited for school to start, your children will follow your lead. Having an annual ritual can help bring in the new school year and can be a treasured tradition for years to come. For instance, every year the night before the first day of school, the DeRocco family sits around the backyard fire pit, roasts marshmallows, and talks about their “joys and concerns” for the upcoming year. Imagine how much fun that would be for the entire family!

Create Games for the family (such as the "Red Plate Surprise"):

On the first day of school, one of the two boys will get the cherished red plate and be able to choose what he wants (with approval) for breakfast. At dinner, the red plate appears at the other boy’s place setting and he gets to pick the meal. Spicing things up can be so simple.

Just Spend Some Time Together

Spending time just hanging out with your children before the start of the school year helps with transition. A parent’s simple presence is comforting and soothing to children and gives them the opportunity to talk if they want to.

Once school starts, of course parents want to hear all about it, but it’s important to follow your child’s lead. Some children are chatty and want to discuss every detail. Others will feel overwhelmed with too many questions. They may need to relax first and talk later, or they may only tell you about bits and pieces of their day. Either way, it’s fine. If your child seems calm and reasonably happy, you can assume the start of the school is going well. One of the most precious gifts we can give our children is our confidence that they will find their way. Photo by

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