Wedding Trends And A Royal Baby Shower Just For You!

wedding-rings-wallpaper1_11909Marley Majcher and Ceci Johnson from The Party Goddess stopped by News 13 This Morning to showcase some trends for this wedding season and tips for how you can have your own royal baby shower. Just click here for a link to the article.
Here’s some background on some of the popular wedding traditions:
wedding rings are placed on the third finger of the left hand because Ancient Egyptians believed the vein in that hand ran directly to the heart.
Las Vegas is the most popular wedding destination with over 100,000 weddings a year.
The largest wedding attendance was a Jewish wedding in Jerusalem in 1993, where 30,000 guest attended.
The term “best man” dates back to the times when Scotsmen kidnapped their future brides.
The friend of the groom who excelled at the abduction was acclaimed as the best man.
Ceci says to add your personal touch when it comes to your invitations. One of this year’s top wedding trends is personalization that goes beyond the monograms and initials on the wedding invitations. The advice is to personalize it all; from the menu and the colors, to the themes.
Do this by basing it around the couple’s heritage, how they met, favorite activities, shared experiences, etc.
Some example include high quality beverage napkins with a favorite quote from couple or a favorite drink recipe.
At a shower or rehearsal dinner have trivia on bingo cards with questions related to the bride and groom, or even the couple’s song on a usb drive to give to guests.
When it comes to the food, the ladies say to make it delicious!
A food station with a twist can bring the “awe” factor.
Be different in the design by making the food an exhibition, even with differently shaped tables at varying heights.
Coordinate, but don’t match.
Use unique items to serve food and make your appetizers stand out by using colored utensils and uniquely shaped bowls.
Don’t be afraid to make the dessert station an eye-catcher.
And being eco-friendly can also play a part in your wedding.
Going “green” is now a popular trend. You can be “eco chic” by using local produce at your reception and using signs that declare that.
Using recycled paper is also a simple and easy way to a green” wedding.
Royal baby fever is in full swing in anticipation of Prince William and Princess Kate’s bundle of joy.
You can make your baby shower a royal engagement to remember with a few quick tips.
Did you know that regardless of the gender, the royal baby will be third in line to the throne?
When royal babies arrive, they don’t receive the standard birth announcement.
Instead, royal babies are greeted with a traditional 41-gun salute.
When the Queen holds Prince William and Kate’s baby, it will be history in the making.
The last sovereign to meet a great-grandchild in direct line to the throne was Queen Victoria.
Prince William was the first royal baby to wear disposable diapers and Prince William and Kate are expected to bring their bundle of joy into the world on July 13.
Some tips to having a royal baby shower of your own include:
sending out invites that include a crown and a line that reads, “join us in welcoming the arrival of our little prince/princess [Name].”
Letter press printing, ultra thick stock and custom monograms add a sense of importance.
Have a booklet that doesn’t just invite, but tells a story.
Using laser-cut place mats and place cards to dress up your tables is a royal touch.
Allowing guests to decorate onesies for you to take home to use and give a prize to the guest who creates the most creative onesie is a fun activity.
When it comes to the food, set up a buffet table complete with tea sandwiches, scones, and other finger foods and don’t forget a self-serve tea station!
For dessert, use fun cupcake toppers to enhance your theme, complete with mini crowns, tiaras, or the first letter of your baby’s name.
To really add a royal touch, add some fun décor around the house using tiaras or crowns.
Flowers arranged in a vintage birdcage or tall vases add a stylish touch.
A “Princess” or “Prince” banner can be handmade to add to your theme.

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