Queen of Hearts

cecistyle_ceci_johnson_wonderland_tea_party_v149_ciMy good friend and mega-superstar business woman Ceci from cecinewyork.com has done it again. Take a look at this article that she and her team put together from a recent event:

“I love putting a fresh spin on even the most tried-and-true ideas, so this week I wanted to share with you a whimsical world we helped imagine for a lucky tot’s recent birthday. The concept? A fun tea party wrapped in a pink-and-purple Alice in Wonderland theme for our client’s precious “Queen of Hearts”!

Since I know many of you out there are mothers and have your hands full, I’m hoping to make the challenge of planning a kid’s birthday a little easier for you. And while little Natalija’s birthday – whipped up by the super talented event planner Shawn Rabideau – was pretty elaborate, you can still use some of the creative ideas here and make them your own.

To get guests excited, my team and I designed a custom Ceci New York butterfly-and-teacup-embellished invitation, punctuated with clever Alice in Wonderland bits – “I’m late! I’m late! For a very important date!” To play up the Mad Hatter theme, we inserted the card into a laser-cut purple paper topper. Hat trick, indeed.

Then Shawn took over, bringing together an amazing, three-dimensional cake from Pink Cake Box, delicious gourmet teas from SoRen, and our laser-cut paper butterflies for the decorations. Trust me, you won’t want to miss his invaluable tips in this week’s Expert Style Tips (just one that was clever and easy: make your cake double as the centerpiece!). They’re sure to set you down a creative path towards throwing a memorable birthday party of your very own.

Keep it creative and sparkling, and remember to have fun!”


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