How To Keep Up With The Latest Event Trends

Event trends are constantly evolving and growing into different ideas. Here’s a list of my favorites, along with some pictures of one of our luncheons. It was such a fun and fancy-free day!

* Good Ol’ Comfort Food! Be on the lookout for sliders and tricked out versions of mac ‘n cheese, etc. This will also be a plus at events where the alcohol is-a-flowin’.

* Single Serving! Let your guests mingle while you eat. Serve up some comfort food in portable dishes. French fries in paper cones and mac n’ cheese in mini soufflé cups!

* Dipped and Decorated! Mini cupcakes and candy bars are still as popular as ever! Add some dipped and decorated Oreos and cake pops to change up the dessert table.

* Signature Drinks! Add a fun look to your bar with homemade fruit infused spirits. People still love vodka but you can try something different. It is easy to buy fruit-flavored spirits, but it’s just as easy to concoct your own!

* Details, Details, Details! Bye bye solid colors! Gorgeous linens with a lot of detail are stepping in along with interesting chargers, chairs and glasses. Vintage never goes out of style so you may want to head up to your attic. Try adding vintage photos on napkin rings to add a personal flair.

* Put it On Paper! Paper products such as invitations, printed menus, place cards, etc. are a creative component for any event. There are tons of fabulous options for paper products and they provide plenty of opportunities for personalization by using various monograms and designs.

* One Size Doesn’t Fit All! People will be mixing it up by having different table sizes and shapes. This allows for a variety of different looks and may help the flow of people in a space.

* Mix It Up! Using an unexpected mix of darks, brights and neutrals transports guests to a fun environment, free from stress! The use of versatile neutrals and bold spirited hues are sure to carry into the Fall season.

* Kiddie Corner! Embrace the idea of partying together with friends and family who also have kids. Bringing kid-friendly signature drinks and desserts to the table is a huge hit!

* Say Cheese! Taking photographs is social and interactive experience that anyone can enjoy. Take the classic photo booth and add a fun twist. Project the photos in real time so everyone can watch the fun! A photo strip is the perfect take away for your guests.


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