Top Tips For A Fab Election Watch Party!

Whether you’re a Democrat or Republican, there’s a big time election in your future. No matter who wins you’re guaranteed a fabulous evening by throwing an off the hook election party complete with tricks and trivia even your high school government teacher wouldn’t have thought of. Let The Party Goddess! show you how to party like a pro!

1. Expand beyond the stars and stripes!  You’ve got tons of décor options besides flags and donkeys so brainstorm a list. Consider incorporating other American icons like: The Liberty Bell, Uncle Sam, Mt. Rushmore, busts of past Presidents, the American eagle, and a map of the United States.

2. Be creative with your menu!  Think diner food like apple and cherry pie and burgers or incorporate menu options from the candidates’ home states.

3. Incorporate games!Election night coverage might not be action packed so provide additional entertainment like trivia quizzes running throughout the night.

4. Think outside the box!  Buy American flag imprinted bandanas and use them as napkins, create photo ops for your guests using life-sized Presidential candidate cutouts and hand out disposable cameras as keepsakes.

 5. Have fun with the details!Create a space where guests can trick out their attire with election hats, buttons, stickers and scarves. Cast your vote at the end of the night for “Best Dressed” and “Most Creative”!

Random Political Facts and Figures:

* Only 54 percent of eligible voters cast their ballots during the last four decades of presidential elections.

* John McCain’s favorite foods are shrimp, enchiladas and pepperoni pizza with onions.

* Even though Barack Obama doesn’t have a sweet tooth, he does enjoy a good piece of pumpkin pie.

* George Washington had a parrot named Polly and 36 hounds.

* Mitt Romney recently said that his favorite snack is a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with a glass of chocolate milk.


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