Fix It Friday!

It is soooo good, you’re going to love it.  

It really is that good. 

No more measuring down and over to where the hole should be from the edge of the frame. 

No more pulling out the measuring tape to hang one picture.

It really is amazing!  And it is so simple to do.

The idea comes from the who saw it on Scrap Shoppe Blog who saw it on Get It Sold from HGTV…you get the point.


What You’ll Need:  A piece of wood and a small nail. I used this little ruler.

How to Make It:  Drive the nail through the wood just enough that you will leave a mark on the wall when pressed.

Next: Hang your mirror/picture on the nail, supporting it as needed.

Lastly: Put it in place on the wall and push.  You’ll have a little mark on your wall where the nail should go. Hammer one in and voila!  You now have the perfect way to hang your picture and no measuring needed!

Are you doing any last minute home improvements before holiday visitors arrive? What’s the best way to transform a room in one step? Leave us a comment below!


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