2012 Event Trends!

Is it really the middle of October right now?! Holy moly time is flying…but we have some partying to do folks. As we begin to wrap up the year, let’s put some of these tips to work during the holiday season.

Here’s my list of Top Event Trends in 2012:

~All in the Family!

Family style dining will be a big hit this holiday season! Think comfort foods with a creative, artisanal twist, such as tricked out mac ‘n cheese.

~Signature Drinks!

Add a super fun look to your bar with homemade fruit-infused spirits. Vodka is great but why not try something different?

~Put it on Paper!

Paper products such as invitations, printed menus, place cards, etc. are a creative component for any event. Go for personalization by using various monograms and designs.

~One Size Doesn’t Fit All!

Mix it up by having different table sizes and shapes. Think 42″ rounds, 60″ squares and high boys with bar stools.

~Say Cheese!

Take the classic photo booth and add a fun twist. Project the images in real time so everyone can watch the party progress! How about a photo strip take away for your guests?

What do you think of these 2012 Event Trends? Do you have any of your own to add to the list? Leave us a comment below!

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