Make an Entrance at Your Next Holiday Party!

We’ve heard of “leather and lace” and even “diamonds and pearls”. How about “RUBBER and pearls”?

If you’re looking to make an entrance at one of your upcoming holiday soirees, then look no further.

Check out this quirky and unique piece of wearable art. Green rubber and pearls are combined to make this very cool and modern, avant garde piece by Frank Ideas on

This piece of jewelry is lightweight, versatile, and fun to wear. It combines cream pearls with seaweed green rubber to make a dramatic statement. Talk about making an entrance!

Wear it long, short, tangled – whatever you like!

Another cool piece by the same people is this Vintage Lucite bead necklace with resin beads on an antique bronze chain.

Such a stand-out piece! This vintage bead necklace comes in a beautiful turquoise, teal, and brown and bronze color scheme.

Whatever accessory you’re looking for this holiday season, you can bet that you will be able to find it here.

Here’s what the owner of the company has to say about her fun approach: “frankideas still sums up what my design ethos is all about – simple but a little off-beat.I like to explore design and colour, resulting in a bold range of jewellery that is wearable art. I design what I want to wear; hopefully it will appeal to you as well!

I love the idea of taking something and turning it into something else –whether it’s vintage buttons into necklaces and cuffs or rubber and wool into necklaces and bracelets. I like to recycle, but I also like to adapt. I guess I’m interested in thinking outside the square.”


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