Labor Day with The Party Goddess!

Labor Day is a national holiday to honor workers and day laborers for all of their efforts. For many, this special holiday is also a symbolic end of summer. Let me, The Party Goddess! show you how to create a Labor Day celebration that everyone will enjoy!


* In 1882, Peter McGuire, an Irish-American cabinetmaker and pioneer unionist proposed a day dedicated to the American industry worker.

* In 1887, Oregon became the first state to make Labor Day a legal holiday.

* In 1894, President Grover Cleveland signed the bill to designate the first Monday in September as Labor Day.

* Forms of celebration include parades, picnics, barbecues, fireworks displays, water sports, and public art events.

* Labor Day marks the beginning of the NFL and college football seasons.


* Host a Movie Marathon! A fun, low cost way to celebrate Labor Day is to invite all of your friends over to watch movies. Consider flicks about working class people, unions and veterans: 9 to 5, Working Girl, Office Space, Jerry Maguire, Take This Job and Shove It, and Erin Brockovich.

* Potluck Picnic in (Central) Park! While the weather is still warm sneak in one last picnic in the park. Keep costs down by asking everyone to bring their favorite dish and signature beverage while you supply the paper goods and decorations. Be sure to bring a football and frisbee!

* Bring on the Red, White and Blue! Nothing says picnic or BBQ like a red-checkered tablecloth. Take it a step further and tie red, white and blue bandanas around flower-filled mason jars or layer them in baskets or use as table runners.

* Labor Day Luau! Take advantage of these last days of summer and throw a Labor Day Luau! Set a festive mood from the very beginning by having guests come dressed in grass skirts, Hawaiian shirts, and sarongs. Don’t forget the leis!

* Make Signature Cocktails a Breeze! Do something different by including pomegranate liqueur in a cool recipe. Here’s one: Mix PAMA Pomegranate Liqueur with cranberry and pineapple juices!

* Relax! Cuddle up with a good book and RELAX! Labor Day is supposed to be a day of rest.


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