Everything You Must Have in Your Party Goddess Toolkit

There are so many things you need to make your event planning business run smoothly each day, it’s challenging to know what to keep at arm’s length and what to put in your back pocket. A successful Party Goddess knows the difference.

Some of this might seem obvious, but take it from a veteran. Many an event planner has been caught without the proper tools in her belt. Not a good look.

So here are the must haves for an event planner’s toolkit that will help you be the Party Goddess you’re born to be:

Notebook and pens

You will constantly need to be able to jot down notes throughout the day. And, trust me, you don’t want to look like a waste paper basket exploded in your hands. Avoid collecting random slivers of paper, stickies, and having cheap ballpoint pens sticking out of every pocket and orifice. Invest in a professional looking leather bound notebook and some decent ink pens. Small details like this will male you appear more organized and pulled together.

Up-to-date technology

In this business, technology is your friend. Having the latest smartphone and tablets with killer apps is neither a leisure tool or luxuery indulgence for us. Staying connected is just the beginning. Cameras, GPS, store-finders, organizational tools, social media, one-touch shopping – it all fits in our pockets now. Combine your needs and avoid lugging around gadgetry for the sake of gadgetry. Also, remember to bring electronics backups – extra extension cords, batteries, etc.

Damage control

Clients, guests, and vendors will be calling on you and your team throughout events to patch, repair, and fix things that are broken. Small disasters are bound to happen, and you should be prepared with a few handy dandy items: sticky stuff (glue, tape, adhesives), actual tools (small hammer, screw drivers, pocket knife, etc.), a stapler, and a sewing kit.

First aid & pharmaceuticals

Somebody is bound to sever an arm, or more likely get a paper cut or a headache. A small first aid kit is enough to handle most mishaps. You would be surprised how often band aids and aspirin have saved someone’s life. Or at least they’ll tell you it did.


Almost as disastrous as a paper cut is when the guest of honor forgets an important hygiene-related item. A bride without deodorant or a groom without a toothbrush can stop a wedding. Bring a small bag of travel-sized and disposable items , and again, you will be the one who saves the day and everyone will love you for it.

Checklists and contact info.

Do not leave home without a comprehensive checklist of everything that needs to get done that day, client and vendor contact names and numbers, and a list of emergency back-up plan numbers. Everyone on your team should have this crucial collection of information at their fingertips.

For each event, you might need to consider putting additional items in your toolkit, but the basics never change. Think through the event, anticipate what you might need, and pop it in your bag.

What are your toolkit must haves that I didn’t mention here?



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