The Insider’s Guide to Entertaining on a Budget

MarleyIs it just me or is anyone else completely freaked out that it is already almost September.  It’s impossible to believe that kids are heading back to school and it is about time to start planning for the holidays.

It’s been a crazy few months at TPG worldwide for so many reasons.  I have been working events and then hopping on planes to places all over the country to teach conventions, attend seminars, arrange parties and TV segments.

Here are a bunch of hip ways that you can entertain on a budget.

Go Outside Your Comfort Zone
If you aren’t in the mood to have a party in your space, why not look into renting a studio, loft or gallery space in your area?  Ask around and see who is looking to rent out their space in exchange for a great bash. Your guests will be thrilled for a change of scenery and excited to be in a cool, creative space.  Utilize the lighting and sleek, modern architecture to create a unique environment.

Get Personal
Place card holders should be fun and festive enough to glam up the table while also letting guests know where they will be sitting. Instead of spending money on gifts for your guests, why not let them take their place setting home?  It’s personalized and unique to them.  Maybe include seeds they can plant at home, so they’re taking away a memory which will last longer than a boring paper place holder.

Be Healthy… Drink Tea!
Tea has gotten a big boost in the media lately for all of its healthy antioxidants.  But it is also easy to make and a really inexpensive addition to your bar menu.  Get creative with options like Sweet Tea with Rum and Funky Tea-ni’s that will get your buzz on.

Create Edible Centerpieces
Individual sweets on a pedestal in the middle of each table double as decor and dessert.  Example: Picture candy apples dipped in caramel or chocolate and then individually wrapped in cello with beautiful ribbon and nested among evergreen sprigs.

The bottom line?  Do something different.  If you always serve beer and wine, try creating a new cocktail or some other fabulous specialties.  Get inspiration from ezines like this, blogs and friends.  Mix it up a little but most importantly! Have fun.

Here is a video of my last visit to the XETV-CW station. I gave some great Comic-Con tips.  Enjoy!


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