Martha Stewart Radio Show ~ Outdoor Summer Party Tips

Hey Party Goddess!  I will be on the Martha Stewart Living Radio Show today!!  If you can’t listen to the show I am posting my must-have Summer Party Tips below. Check back tomorrow for more great tips ;-)

For the perfect summer party, the great outdoors can be tamed. All you need is a cold drink, close friends, and a few insider tips from to keep the sweat off your brow. Kick off your shoes. That sensational outdoor party you’re dreaming about just got more sensational.

  1. Have a folder

Make a file specifically for your party. Everything involved – the guest lists, the invoices, the ideas – gets tossed inside. Keeping it together and organized keeps your stress level low, says Marley Majcher, founder of The Party Goddess! and event planner to the stars.

  1. Have a timeline

The hors d’oeuvres are served at 7 pm? Great. Plan the timeline out, says Majcher. Know when the events of your sensational summer party fall into place, including everything from when the casserole gets taken out of the oven to when it’s time to start the coffee.

  1. Have a shopping list

Don’t go to the store too early, too late, or more than once. To ensure this, says Majcher, make one list with everything needed – from the paper plates to the pumpernickel. Then go to the store the day before. That keeps the food fresh – and you, too.

Here are a few money saving party must-haves:

* Two or three large, round ice tubs – a roll of beige velon, like plastic tablecloth material, keeps them looking tidy

* Cylindrical vases in different heights and widths – they can be used all year round as risers or filled with ornaments or candy bars or utensils or even napkins.

* Colorful beverage napkins purchased in bulk – buy in colors you can use repeatedly, like red for the holidays and summer picnics, as well as gold, cream, or black since they are extremely versatile

Avoid gimmicky items like cotton-candy machines, fondue pots, and little grills unless you plan on using them a lot.

More Tomorrow ;-)


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