Tips for Throwing a Fabulous Baby Shower

Summer’s here, and glowing moms-to-be are proudly sporting their beautiful baby bumps in the latest stylish maternity wear. They might be feeling uncomfortable, tired, hot, emotional, and fat, but the joy of what’s to come is keeping them in good spirits. And you know what they’re looking forward to almost as much as their little bundle of cuteness? That’s right. The baby shower!

Every expecting woman is expecting a fabulous baby shower. She deserves it, and it’s up to you to make sure she gets it.  Here are some tips for throwing a fabulous baby shower she won’t soon forget:

1. It’s all about the mommy-to-be

Let’s not forget something. Soon, someone else will be getting ALL of the attention. The baby shower is the last time for quite a while that mom will be the guest of honor. While you certainly don’t want to bog her down with details, get as much of her input as you can. Remember, this is not about creating your idea of a fabulous baby shower. It’s all about making it fabulous for the mommy-to-be!

2. Pick a theme that pops

We’ve all been to tons of baby showers, and most are pretty much the same. One way to set a baby shower apart is to choose a creative theme. The thing about baby showers is it’s difficult to overdo the cutesy factor. Even if it’s been done before, you can bring the theme to life in your own fabulous way: Milkaholic, Pickes & Ice cream, Vintage Sweet Shoppe, Frilly Girly Tea Party, Eco-baby, Oh Boy! It’s Gonna be a Zoo… brainstorm for fun themes.

3. Keep it sophisticated

No matter how cutesy the theme is, you can create a classy and sophisticated interpretation of it. Go for fresh modern color palettes and patterns. Rather than have cluttered, over-the-top décor, always opt for less at higher quality.

4. Let the games begin

It wouldn’t be a baby shower without games. A quick internet search will pull up tons of fun ideas. Select games that everyone can enjoy with ease. Baby shower games that allow close friends and relatives to show off how well they know the mom-to-be are always crowd pleasers.

5. Stay organized and keep it moving

Baby showers can drag on and on and on if not planned well. You’ve been there. When are we eating? When is she going to open presents? Who’s writing down the names? Are we playing games now or later? Don’t leave your guests guessing. Cut the confusion. Let guests know the schedule and solicit help in advance for writing down names and gifts.

6. Make everything yummy

Yummy food, yummy drinks, yummy colors, and the cutest yummiest decorations.  Everybody loves a baby, so surround guests in stuff that’s so cute and delicious that they’ll eat it up with delight.  Think savory finger foods followed by the fluffiest creamiest cupcakes, sweet and tangy non-alcoholic beverages mom can indulge in, and decor so sweet you’ll want to scoop it up with a spoon.

The soon-to-be new mom will thank you for throwing a fabulous baby shower for her. Sharing in the excitement of the coming major life change with her friends and family will leave a huge smile on her face to complement that glow.


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