Events with a Purpose

I can’t say that sometimes it’s not a challenge, but it’s really not too difficult to make sure that an event is going to be FUN! But what about if you have more in mind for you next event than just showing everyone a good time?

Here are 4 easy tips to use when planning an event with a purpose!

1. Give yourself plenty of time to plan.

Bigger events can take up to a year to plan and smaller ones will at least need a few months. If you’re working with other people and organizations to make the event happen, add a little more time through out the planning to collaborate and compare to-do lists.

2. Pick your purpose.

There are lots of reasons to gather peeps together – to raise funds, network and connect with like-minded people, increase awareness for a cause, etc. You don’t have to pick just one but knowing the goals of the event will help give everyone direction. It will also define the benefit the event will have for the host, clients, and/or sponsors.

3. Organize the main details that support your purpose.

Once you know your event’s purpose, make sure to first nail down the main details that will help achieve your goal. So if you want to raise funds and you’ve decided to host an auction, you’ll want to choose your venue first to make sure there’s enough space to display all the auction items. If you want to attract a certain crowd, be sure to consider the area of town that will be the most popular and convenient for them. Also, pick your food and atmosphere based on their preferences, not yours.

4. Provide measurable results.

Even if it was just a social event, take the time after the event to review what worked and what didn’t. Did you draw a big crowd? Was it the people you were hoping to attract? What had people talking – the food, the decor? Take in the good, the bad, and the ugly, so that your next event can be even more fabulous!


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