Uncensored! Wants YOU!

Yes, YOU! It would be such a shame for you to miss out on THE event for Event Planners. Click here to sign up before it is too late: UNCENSORED!


If you haven’t decided already, the exposure to a variety of our favorite vendors should tip your hat in Uncensored!’s favor. Here are some sponsors we can’t wait to introduce you to:

Best Beverage Catering: BBC is an industry veteran with over 20 years of experience since first opening their doors in San Francisco. With such experience, they can handle any event or drink order you throw at them. From weddings to corporate events, BBC also allows you to amp your beverage hospitality with BBC Elite, which can consist of a signature cocktail, a satellite specialty bar or a completely customized artisanal themed bar with interactive ultra-premium spirit tasting flight and customized décor. Sign us up!

After BBC, we will definitely be stopping by Drinkwel; the first ever multivitamin developed specifically for people who drink alcohol. Ding! How brilliant. Drinkwel’s unique combination of ingredients replenishes nutrients, supports healthy liver function, and helps your body process alcohol induced toxins. Drinkwel tells us that alcohol’s empty calories (with their zero nutritional value) replace other nutrients in the diet, which depletes the body’s existing vitamins and slows absorption and retention of new nutrients. People who drink regularly are more prone to certain vitamin deficiencies, which is where Drinkwel gladly steps in to help!

We think BBC and Drinkwel are a match made in heaven!


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